Almond Croissant

Almond Croissant Hunt 1: Paul Cafe

Almond Croissant Hunt at Paul Cafe

This was the start to the almond croissant hunt. PAUL Cafe has some really great bakery items. And considering the fact that it’s a French bakery and restaurant, it wouldn’t disappoint and so M had the idea to start off this fun little journey there.

We have done this hunt twice, and each time the croissant was a bit different from the other.

Texture: ranged from somewhat fluffy to dense, but the exterior was quite flaky. The addition of almond shavings on the top gave it some more texture.

Filling: it’s definitely closer to T’s favourite as it had just enough almond paste, but the first time around the consistency was off as the mixture was lumpy. The taste is a bit more marzipan, but the sweetness was very much on point.

All in all, a nice almond croissant and a really good way to start things off.

On a side note this goes really well with PAUL’s hot chocolate, which is T’s favourite in town. Its rich, thick and fulfilling. Definitely a great combination.


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  1. I think the Almond Croissant that Carrefour makes is the ultimate…

    1. We need to try this out, Thank you for the suggestion Kiran 🙂

      Time to take T for another hunt

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