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Raju Omlet, Sheikh Zayed Road

Raju Omlet started off as a small, cosy little place in Karama serving egg-based desi breakfast faves all day long. From there they have become one of the most popular egg-based casual dining spots in UAE after they expanded to Sheikh Zayed Road (in Al Quoz) and Sharjah.

Our verdict: If you love eggs as much as we do and appreciate the ingenuity it takes to create an entire menu based off of one ingredient, you will definitely love Raju Omlet. You can try a different dish every time you visit. It’s affordable, delicious and flavoursome. One of our fave spots to eat in Dubai and definitely one of our #NomNorms. We can’t recommend it enough.

The Food

Rice Bhurji with Masala Half Fry [AED 23]: M happened to see some pictures on instagram of this dish and we deciphered that this was the one. Scrambled egg fried rice, grated boiled eggs with a masala sunny-side egg over the top.

Egg & Cheese roll [AED 16]: A classic! Egg paratha with masala, stuffed with cheese. Quite a popular Indian breakfast meal that most chai shops in town will sell every morning. We love this one as the omelette is spiced well and the cheese is always perfectly gooey. It’s a perfect combination.

Chatpata Boiled Tikka – Chef’s Special (with paratha) [AED 19]: This dish exceeded our expectations, even though we really didn’t have any. Such a flavourbomb of a dish! Sliced boiled eggs made with onions, green chillies, garlic, ginger, Kashmiri red chilly powder in a tangy tomato-onion gravy. The gravy was a perfect blend spices. Even though we ordered this dish with paratha we ordered a plate of pav as well but that just made it harder for us to decide what complimented it better as they were equally good. With the pav, think of it as an egg Pav Bhaji, that would be the best way to describe it. We definitely recommend this dish!

Egg Sizzler [AED 35]: Some of their rice bhurji with a half fry on top and two boiled eggs along with mashed potatoes and veggies presented in a sizzling hot plate. This isn’t just like every other sizzler, it’s also eggs done four ways. You have egg bhurji, boiled egg, fried egg True testament to what Raju Omlet is all about. Using one primary ingredient to showcase a variety of dishes that can make up a menu and just when you think that’s innovative enough, they come up with dishes like this. We have to commend them on cooking the eggs so well that the yolks are still runny even after the sizzling plate cooled down.

Bombay Pav [AED 2]: Buttery soft pav bread that reminds us of our visits to Bombay.

The Drinks

Adrak Chai [AED 4.50]: The teas on the menu at Raju Omlet are great individually and as pairings with the dishes and we both like most of them. The adrak chai, however, is our favourite for sure. We order this almost every time.

We do recommend trying their Pudina Chai as its refreshing after your meal, however if you want something more traditional, then there is nothing better than the cutting chai.


The service at Raju Omlet is good, with staff always around to look after you. When the place gets busy the service can thin down a bit, but thats expected. Raju Omlet is a popular outlet so you can expect it to be busy during lunch and especially during breakfast on the weekends.

The Venue

Raju Omlet is located on the side of Sheikh Zayed Road in Al Qouz. If you have been to the Karama outlet then you will be happy to know that this outlet is much bigger. This outlet of Raju Omlet is just as quirky as ever, with the walls decorated with punny yet egg-cellent jokes. You will also come across some egg facts and be immersed in images and objects linking things to India. The wall is painted with famous Bollywood movies and actors and you’ll find cool things like a rickshaw meter as decor. Enjoy the food while you immerse yourself in your surroundings with enough reading material to keep you busy or start conversations.

To Book or not to Book

Raju Omlet doesn’t do reservations or bookings. So this really isn’t an option. When the places get busy you usually just have to wait your turn, however you can order chai while you wait.

How to Get there

Raju Omlet is near the Noor Bank metro station. It’s on the Dubai-bound (north-bound) side of Sheikh Zayed Road, right on the corner of the 3rd interchange.

By Car: The quickest way to get to Raju Omlet by car is to take the exit that directly you towards Noor Bank Metro station (when heading north). Then the road will take a sort of righthand u-turn, from there keep heading straight. The road will bend left, here you take the first right. Head on straight, the road bends left again and Raju Omlet will be on the right.

By Cab: Your best bet is to tell the driver to head towards the Noor Bank Metro station and then follow the instructions above. Depending on where you are coming from this would be a fairly straightforward way of getting there.

Public Transport: Raju Omlet is near Noor Bank Metro Station on Sheikh Zayed Road (Al Quoz) on the Dubai-bound side (right side when heading north towards dubai). Your best bet is to get take the Red Line. Exit the metro station and head south towards Fast-Rent A Car. Its about a 10 minute walk. If you keep SZR on your right and keep heading south on the footpath, you will eventually see Raju Omlet. Its actually a very straightforward walk. As always use google maps as a guide.

We recommend either driving or taking the metro, both are as convenient as the walk is not too long and there is always RTA parking nearby.

Google Map:

The Entrance

Raju Omlet is on a side road that has free-parking. This means sometimes there can be multiple rows of parked cars making the place seem more confusing than it really is. You won’t miss the bright yellow sign and red logo.

Total Bill

  • Rice Bhurji with Masala Half Fry: AED 23
  • Egg & Cheese roll: AED 16
  • Chatpata Boiled Tikka – Chef’s Special (with paratha): AED 19
  • Egg Sizzler: AED 35
  • Bombay Pav: AED 4
  • Adrak Chai X2: AED 9

Total for two: AED 106

Restaurant info

04 3883355
Open: every day of the week, 8AM – 11:30PM

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Note: We were invited by Raju Omlet to review their restaurant and especially the Egg Sizzler. However, our thoughts and opinions are unbiased and our own.


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