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Prax’s, Barsha Heights

The best way to describe Prax’s, just so there’s no confusion if it’s a Chinese or Thai restaurant, is that it’s an Asian restaurant. Their menu might be small but it’s packed with flavour. As the manager of their Barsha branch, Andre says, ‘we pack everything in boxes but we also think outside the box’. We tried Prax’s for the first time and were introduced to some of their new additions, including kimchi and adobo which add to their expansion of Asian countries themed in their menu. Along with some vegetable options such as shiitake mushrooms and new appetizers as well.

Our verdict: Select from their menu or customize your mains, whichever you choose, Prax’s grab and go style of food is easy to eat and extremely delicious. It should be noted that, even as take-away or mainly a delivery place their service can compete with the best.

The Food

Let’s just cut to it, the food at Prax’s is excellent. Their menu might seem small, but when you think about all the possible variations and combinations a “freestyle” or DIY menu has, Prax’s really has a huge choice. The food is also portion controlled so you can definitely depend on them to be consistent.

Here’s what we tried:

Dynamite Shrimp [AED 24]: A new addition to the menu, Prax’s has given its own little twist to a very popular dish. We are fans of the original dynamite shrimp and were very pleased with this slight modification. Their sauce has a nice hint of sweetness to it which differentiates it from other iterations of this dish as well as the original one. We definitely recommend trying this.

Chicken Sui Mai [AED 16]: It’s easy to get steamed dumplings wrong, bland fillings, the wrapper being too think and doughy or not enough filling even. These were surprisingly good and served with Prax’s special sauce, gave the Sui Mai some great big flavours.
Chili Basil Prawn [AED 34]: The dish was basically the fan favourite chili basil beef with the beef swapped for prawn instead. We loved this noodle dish! It’s flavourful, filling and faultless. We understand why this is Prax’s best selling dish and completely agree with all the hype behind it.

Go Freestyle [AED 32]: In order to try some of the new items on the menu, that are not part of any signature menu item, we went freestyle. The dish we created was: 1) egg fried rice for the base, 2) chicken for the protein, 3) kimchi for the sauce (this is a new addition), 4) shiitake (new addition), baby corn and broccoli. We also added fried garlic as the garnish. Kimchi is a welcome addition to Prax’s menu as it helps round out their goal of being an all encompassing “Asian Food” restaurant. We loved our freestyle choices and urge you to give this a go and create your own dish.

The Drinks

They do not make any kind of drinks but instead give you a selection of sodas, ice teas etc. It should be noted that in a city that hugely over charges for drinks, Prax’s is actually quite decently priced. Good on them.

The Desserts

Prax’s has a very simple dessert menu of two items. So we had to try them both. And boy are we glad we did!

Coconut and Ginger [AED 14]: A nice light and airy dessert. You get a nice hit of coconut with a subtle hint of ginger which kicks in right at the end. A delicious dessert that also acts like a palate cleanser.

Date and Caramel [AED 14]: This was definitely our favorite. The textures, the flavours, the sweetness and overall package is just amazing. It’s a nicely portioned end to a delicious meal and if we had to choose, we would recommend this one.


Prax’s is more of a take-away or delivery restaurant, so there isn’t much to be expected on part of their service. However from the moment we showed up at the restaurant to the moment we left, we felt like someone was always there to look after us. Our every need, demand and request was met with a kind response. The best thing about Prax’s is that if as a customer you are choosing contradictory flavours, the staff will suggest a slightly better combination to give you the best tasting experience. From a service point of view, they really did well. More take out locations should implement such an attitude, a customer is a customer from the moment he steps in, till the moment he leaves the restaurant.

It’s worth noting that if dining in at Prax’s, it is basically self service. You place your order at the counter and it is brought to you or just go pick it up yourself. The dishes are served into containers (so much easier to pack up if you want a doggy bag).

The Venue

Prax’s outlet in Barsha Heights is a small restaurant which is, as mentioned before, more geared towards take away or delivery. Nonetheless, the small space has a glass walled kitchen that takes up one side so you can have a look at the chefs preparing meals while you order at the counter. a few booths and tables make up the rest of the space. The bright neon colours against black that make up their brand colours thankfully doesn’t come off as too dark. They’ve balanced it all out well with the menu lining one wall and the freestyle sections on a banner over the kitchen area.

To Book or not to Book

Booking is unfortunately not really applicable at Prax’s. However we do suggest placing an order for delivery from them. With just two branches, they are delivering to a huge part of Dubai. Their delivery system is quite well thought out as their food is prepared for that purpose, even if you eat at their restaurant.

How to Get there

Prax’s is located on the ground floor of 1 Rise Tower. Which is located in Barsha Heights (previously called TECOM). The tower is on the corner of Barsha Heights that is connected to Hessa Street, diagonally opposite the Saudi German Hospital.

By Car: Getting to Prax’s by car is fairly straightforward, when heading north on Sheikh Zayed road, take the Hessa Street exit. It’s the same exit that you will take for Emirates Hills, but instead of going right you go straight and keep to the right after you pass the petrol station. Then you will automatically go right onto Hessa Street, from here keep to the right and take the service lane. The tower is on the right, park wherever you get parking and enter on the right side of Nar Restaurant.

By Cab: If the driver does not know the location, you can tell him its opposite the Saudi German Hospital, inside Barsha Heights (previously TECOM).

Public Transport: Not metro friendly unfortunately. You can take a metro to the Dubai Internet City metro station and walk it from there. The walk will be about 15 minutes through Barsha Heights.

Google Map:

The Entrance

Once you walk through the main entrance of 1 Rise Tower, Prax’s will be in front on the right side.

Total Bill

  • Water: AED 3
  • Ginger Ale: AED 4
  • Dynamite Shrimp: AED 24
  • Chicken Sui Mai: AED 16
  • Chili Basil Prawn: AED 34
  • Go Freestyle (make your own): AED 32
  • Coconut and Ginger: AED 14
  • Date and Caramel: AED 14

Total for two: AED 141

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Note: We were invited by Prax’s, however our thoughts and opinions are unbiased and our own.


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