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“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s Oreganoooo”. To say that we were pleasantly surprised with this quaint Italian restaurant is an understatement. Great food that comes in generous portions, a comfortable vibe and good service. Oregano definitely does stand out amongst other Italian cuisine establishments.

Our verdict: Head there and tuck in for a delicious journey to Italy.

The Food

Oregano has a menu that really has something for everyone. Considering that Dubai has such a multicultural population with various food preferences and requirements, it’s a menu that caters to all palettes and taste buds. Think whole wheat pasta options as well as vegetarian, seafood and meat variations. Take your time and go through it as you will surely find something that you will find appealing.

Bruschetta Pomodori [AED 36]: Not the usual bruschetta by Dubai’s standards with a flatter, pizza dough base sliced in the same way as a pizza would be. The base was crispy and the ingredients fresh and fulfilling. Good way to start the meal.

Salmon & Quinoa Salad [AED 40]: The ingredients of this salad might seem unusual but with truffle oil as one of the ingredients, we were sold. It’s a lovely, refreshing and delicious salad with a variety of elements. T couldn’t understand the use of cucumber, but it didn’t let the dish down. If you like the strong, unusual taste of truffle oil, then this is worth trying.

Gnocchi Milanese [AED 42]: The pink sauce it is doused in was delicious. The chicken was well cooked, although the mushrooms were not as prominent as expected. The gnocchi itself were larger pieces than we’re used to, and not as pillowy but still tasty.

Smoked Eggplant Ravioli [AED 48]: We love vegetarian food, especially Italian cuisine and have tried quite a few different dishes in this realm. The eggplant ravioli, however, was a first for us. It came recommended and we were not disappointed. A delicious dish with interesting textures and unique flavours. Definitely a must try.

Rustica (Reg) [AED 47]: The pizza base was ‘well done’, crisp and not overwhelmingly ‘bready’, the generous toppings of breasaola, rocket leaves and Parmesan shavings made us devour this pizza pie like there was no tomorrow. They’re right when they said their pizza tastes just as good when cold too, we had the leftovers from our lunch just a few hours later and it was still delicious.

The Drinks

Green Citrus [AED 21]: The fresh basil adds an interesting flavour to this citrusy drink. We found it to be sweeter than expected, but its refreshing all the same.

Passion Fruit Mojito [AED 23]: We love our passion fruit drinks, so this was an obvious choice. Refreshing and with the right amount of sweetness. The fresh mint leaves and slices of lime balance it out well. Perfect 👌

The Dessert

Cannoli Siciliano [AED 24]: Two delicious little crispy pieces of heaven. That may not be the official description, but we highly recommend it. No matter how full you may be from your meal, give this a shot you will not regret it. One order can satisfy 2 people. The creaminess of the ricotta filling with the flavours of chocolate and orange are perfectly balanced and make for an overall excellent dessert.


As you approach Oregano, you are greeted with a warm smile and a inviting welcome. The servers are attentive to all the customers, even when we felt like the restaurant was getting quite busy. The suggestions and care taken while ordering is really good and you can almost customize all dishes to your liking.

The Venue

Oregano is like a little slice of Italy. They have a small lucky fountain at the entrance of the restaurant that you can actually toss a coin in and make a wish. The decor and interior are simple with a rustic feel and yet they give you the sense of being in Italy while the rest of Dubai surrounds you.

To Book or not to Book

If you plan on heading to Oregano during the weekend, we highly recommend booking a table for a big group. Oregano did get quite busy but was not completely full.

How to get there

The best and almost only way to get to this outlet of Oregano is by car. Oregano is located inside the Dubai Silicon Oasis Community Centre (a.k.a Spinney’s Community Centre). Head in through the main entrance and keep going straight down till you see Oregano on the right.

By Car: Head towards Dubai Silicon Oasis and then try to find the Spinney’s Community Centre. The easiest way is by using GPS to get you there as there are no helpful road signs. The community centre has plenty of parking and even if the spaces are full, a little patience will get you a spot soon enough.

By Cab: Taxi drivers will surely know Dubai Silicon Oasis, and the Spinney’s community centre. Ask them to drop you off to the main entrance and you will find Oregano easily from there.

Public Transport: We do not recommend getting here by public transport. If this is your ownly mode of transport try heading to an Oregano outlet that more metro friendly, they have a few outlets around Dubai.

Google Map:

The Entrance

Oregano, at Dubai Silicon Oasis, is quite easy to locate. Head in from the main entrance of the Spinney’s Community Center and keep going straight till you see Oregano on the right. It’s right before the rear entrance/exit.

Total Bill

  • Bruschetta Pomodori: AED 36
  • Salmon & Quinoa Salad: AED 40
  • Gnocchi Milanese: AED 42
  • Smoked Eggplant Ravioli: AED 48
  • Rustica (Reg): AED 47
  • Cannoli Siciliano: AED 24
  • Green Citrus: AED 21
  • Passion Fruit Mojito: AED 23

Total for 2-4 ppl: AED 281

What we ordered was enough to feed 3 very hungry people or maybe even 4.

Restaurant info

  • Oregano – Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • 04 379 3300


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Note: We were invited by Oregano to review their Silicon Oasis Outlet. However, our thoughts and opinions are unbiased and our own.


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