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Grk Fresh Greek

Get your Greek food fix at this relatively new spot. With two locations in Dubai, one in BurJuman mall and the other in IMPZ, Grk Fresh Greek serves up a variety of faves such as the ever so popular souvlaki, yeeros and bifteki. We chose to dine-in at the BurJuman location because after seeng that lovely bright blue logo of theirs beaming at us while we were on our way to do some grocery shopping, we had to give in and try it out.

Our verdict: Decently delicious food if you’re in the mood for something meaty and quick. The location being in an open space within the mall is quite a letdown as it is obviously very noisy. Perhaps better left to ordering takeaway, or for a quick meal after shopping. We would definitely go back just for the cheesecake though.

The Food

Feta & Filo Parcel [AED 19]: When you think of cheese at a Greek restaurant, you think of feta. This appetizer is a mix of sweet and salty. The feta cheese providing the saltiness on the inside and the sweetness from the honey drizzled over it. The puff pastry was quite delicious and provided that crispy, crunch factor. T felt that the dish needed a bit more honey, but M found it perfect. This is definitely a simple dish to start off a heavy meal and we would definitely order it again.

Yeero Chicken [AED 39]: We ordered the chicken Yeero with Aegean slaw. This dish came on a platter with equal portions of sliced chicken from their rotisserie, green salad, house-made pita bread and we chose the Prassino tzatziki to go along with it. Overall it isn’t what we expected as we assumed the chicken would be the star of the dish, nonetheless it was quite filling and was good as a sharing plate.

Chicken Souvlaki [AED 35]: We ordered the chicken Souvlaki with the Kaftero Tzatziki. Chargrilled skewers of chicken pieces marinated with olive oil, Greek yogurt and Mediterranean herbs and spices served with GRK fries and house-baked pita. This was presented inside a large metal spice shovel. The presentation of the dish overall was quite good as it something different from the norm. The fries that came with it were well made and the tzatziki complimented the dish well. We quite enjoyed this one.

The Drinks

Greek Soda [AED 10]: Grk Fresh Greek serves 4 flavours of Greek Soda. Cola, Orange, Mix and a plain one which would be similar to 7up or Sprite. We tried the Mix flavour. The Soda was a mix of Orange and Lime. We were very underwhelmed by the soda, it didn’t seem worth the money at all. We were told that the other flavors would taste similar to its popular counterparts (Coca Cola/Pepsi, Mirinda/Fanta etc.).

The Dessert

Salted Caramel Baklava Cheesecake [AED 19]: Now this is worth ordering for sure. Grk Fresh Greek’s take on the traditional cheesecake was to change it up by adding the famous Greek dessert, baklava; into the mix. It’s a baked vanilla cheesecake wth a salted butter caramel sauce, topped with crushed Greek pistachio baklava. The baklava itself was delicious in taste and texture. Its the right amount of sweet and got a perfect crunch thanks to those flakey layers of pastry. The cheesecake was also pretty good, a decent balance of flavour though T found it a bit denser than it needed to be. The salted caramel sauce tied the dish together well although T felt the caramel sauce was too sweet, M found it all to be perfect. We highly recommend trying this because the mix of flavours and textures makes for a nice dessert for at least 2 people to share.


The service at Grk Fresh Greek was alright. Nothing to rave about. Our server was quite patient while we debated what to order and was helpful in making suggestions to help us decide. It did seem that the staff favoured the customers who visited the restaurant to order for takeaway rather than the handful that were dining in. Either way, it was decent enough overall.

The Venue

Grk Fresh Greek is located inside BurJuman in the newly renovated area, opposite the entrance of Carrefour. Because of this, it tends to always be busy in front of the restaurant. The restaurant itself has three basic seating areas. One inside the restaurant, one just outside the restaurant but within the mall and the last is outside the mall. We sat inside the restaurant because the other locations were far too noisy (this was the least noisy alternative).

The restaurant is very well lit and inviting with its good use of earthy interiors and bright blue branding representing the popular Greek flag colours and blue and white checkered pattern. Grk Fresh Greek is loosely modeled around a cafe, but better described as a merge between a fast-food and restaurant style. In the centre of the restaurant is the cash counters, where you can queue up and order food to-go. On the other hand you can have a meal just like any sit down restaurant.

To Book or not to Book

Grk Fresh Greek is a reasonably sized space, with both indoor and outdoor seating and with the option of self service/ takeaway, there will rarely be a time when you would need to make a booking prior to coming to the restaurant. If however you ever find yourself needing to wait, you can also drop into the Carrefour opposite it and finish off some shopping before you find a table. Alternatively you can explore the new section of BurJuman mall.

You also have the option of ordering food via Zomato which also gives you a 20% discount.

How to Get there

Grk Fresh Greek is located inside BurJuman mall in the newly renovated section near Carrefour. There are many ways to get to Grk Fresh Greek and if you live in the nearby areas, you can even walk there in the winter.

By Cab: You can take a taxi to BurJuman and ask them to drop you near Carrefour. Some drivers might drop you outside burjuman, but if they drop you inside the parking area near Carrefour entrance, then Grk Fresh Greek is on the right side opposite the entrance to Carrefour. If they drop you outside, then walk the exterior of the mall until you see the line of restaurants, Grk Fresh Greek is amongst them.

By Car: Easiest way to park near Grk Fresh Greek with guaranteed parking is to head straight down to B1 parking. Head to the extreme end of the mall, the parking right under Carrefour. Parking is very easy to find on this side of the mall. Enter the mall, but do not take the elevator, instead take the stairs on the left up one floor. Once you head in, turn left and walk straight till you see Grk Fresh Greek on the right (it’s right after the massage chairs), opposite the entrance to Carrefour.

Public Transport: The best way to get to Grk Fresh Greek is by taking the red or green line to the BurJuman metro station. From there, head into the mall. Grk Fresh Greek is opposite the entrance to Carrefour.

Getting to Grk Fresh Greek is really easy, we suggest you drive or take the metro, both will get you to the restaurant easily.

Google Map:

The Entrance

The easiest way to spot Grk Fresh Greek is to head to the entrance of Carrefour, its exactly opposite that. The Restaurant is impossible is impossible to miss.

Total Bill

Feta & Filo Parcel: AED 19
Yeero Chicken: AED 39
Chicken Souvlaki: AED 35
Salted Caramel Baklava Cheesecake: AED 19
Greek Soda: AED 10
Total for two: AED 122

Restaurant info

04 4371601

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