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Sugar Factory

When we first saw Sugar Factory, we thought, ‘oh here’s another candy shop’. Once we figured out that it’s a restaurant we thought that it was probably targeted towards kids with it’s bright colours and sweet shop seen just as you enter the venue. Well the saying never judge a book by its cover never ringed truer. Sugar Factory is in fact a great place for some delicious food and drinks for all ages. If anything, it brings out the child in you, you leave feeling happy and with your tummies full.

Our verdict: Great service, innovative drinks and an amazing savoury waffle dish. We recommend going to Sugar Factory with a nice group of friends for a late relaxing lunch or even a brunch.

The Food

The menu has a decent enough variety ranging from burgers and sandwiches to crepes and waffles. There’s definitely something to try for everyone. It might seem pricey at first but the portion sizes justify it for sure.

Savoury Waffles – Hot Wing [AED 55]: We got this based on the recommendation of our server Loraine, and she was absolutely on the money. This dish was delicious! T has always wanted to try a savoury waffle, and this was a great first for us both. The flavour of the buffalo sauce provided a tangy balance. We were told it would be spicy, however it was not. It was more vinegary with a hint of chilli. The texture of the chicken was also great, it was well cooked and crumbly & crunchy on the outside. The waffle was also quite nice, though they did get expectedly get a bit soggy. The Caesar salad on top of the chicken was a great topping and complimented the dish overall. M loved the generous shavings of Parmesan. The only minor issue we had was that we found the croutons to be unnecessarily large. Overall this dish was great and we highly recommend getting it, a definite must have.

Southwest Chilli Lime Chicken Burger [AED 58]: The burger looked and tasted delicious but boy was it messy. The burger had two chicken patties stacked in a way where the burger was heavier on one side. Our server was kind enough to cut the burger in half for us, but that didn’t help as much so we advise to keep some napkins ready. We did expect some spice and tanginess considering it’s got chilli lime mentioned in the name but that didn’t come though. However the avocado and crispy onions were a nice addition and provided interesting textures. The fries that were served with the burger were decent but nothing great.

The Drinks

We specifically asked for our drinks to be served with less ice. It’s surprising how many times restaurants will put too much ice or no ice at all, and we end up getting a warm drink called a “cooler”. Thankfully Sugar Factory put the perfect amount of ice in the drinks.

Mango & Coconut Cooler [AED 24]: The drink was really refreshing, with a strong flavour of mango and a mild hint of coconut. M did not taste the coconut at all though. The drink comes with some mango pieces on the edge of the glass which was a tasty way to end our meal.

Chocolate Cherry Sour Pop [AED 30]: The drink was interestingly presented with a cherry jelly candy holding a lollipop submerged in it, in place. We assumed the lollipop was given to us for stirring the drink, because that is what we used it for. This drink was very sweet and the cherry flavour seemed artificial.


The service at Sugar Factory was great. At the entrance we were greeted well and escorted into the inner area which had a lovely view. They recommended we sit on the side though as it can get warm near the window. Once we sat down we were introduced to our server. She was very friendly and extremely helpful with our order as this was a new place for us and we had no clue what to order. Sometimes she would just tell us straight away to stay away from some dishes/drinks based on our conversation. Overall a great ordering experience. We asked to try a drink as we were recommended not to have it, to which the server called the bar man to explain the drink more as he unfortunately could not make a sample for us.

It’s worth noting that in the middle of our meal our server was going on a break or shift change. She made sure to inform us and introduce us to the next person who would be attending to our table. This is, according to T, the right way to give good service and is what really made the difference. The manager and chef also made a quick appearance to ensure that everything was up to the mark.

The Venue

The entrance of Sugar Factory has a little… sugar factory i.e. a small candy store. When heading in you have a few types of seating areas. One area is on a small platform with nicely decorated booths for small groups. The other seating area is straight on through towards the ceiling to floor windows where you get a nice view of the creek. Sugar Factory’s decorations are engaging with old black and white pictures mixed with their branding and beautiful wall lighting. The chandelier and lamps were really nice to look at and blended well with the rest of the interiors of monochrome and old school style. The venue is suited for all ages: families, couples and friends. We did notice that most people at Sugar Factory were either families or a small group with kids.

To Book or not to Book

We walked into Sugar Factory around 2:30pm and it wasn’t all that busy. If you are in a big group it would be best to make a reservation, especially if you are coming at lunch or dinner time. While walking through the restaurant we did see three to four tables with the “reserved” tent card.

How to Get there

Getting to Sugar Factory is actually very easy as it’s part of the Dubai Festival City Mall.

By Car: The best way to get here is to drive from Business Bay Crossing, take the Festival City exit. Head straight into the parking lot and go all the way to the end where the blue parking starts (Silk Parking). From there, take any entrance into the mall. This is the Omnoms recommended way to get to Sugar Factory because after your meal you might need a stroll, which you can do while shopping.

By Cab: Taking a taxi is definitely an option, you should get off at the Marks and Spencer side (or if they can drop you to Toys R Us, that’s even closer).

Public Transport: There are some buses that will get you close to the mall, but this is really not an option for Dubai Festival City and we would recommend using the other two methods. This location is not metro friendly.

Google Map:

The Entrance

If you are coming by car and parking in the Silk Parking, head up into the mall, you should come out near Iconic. From here turn around when coming up the escalator and you will see Yo! Sushi. Head towards it to enter the new side of the mall, on the right you will find an escalator which will lead you up to the entrance of Sugar Factory. Its thankfully easy to find, but it is in one corner of the mall.

Restaurant info

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