Healthy Iftar at Skye & Walker

Keeping with a theme of Middle Eastern cuisine with some modern flair, Skye & Walker are hosting an Iftar for the Holy month of Ramadan that includes Arabic dishes and sweets and classic beverages, all with a healthier preparation that doesn’t compromise on flavour.

Location: Ground floor of the Marriott Executive Towers in Deira.

The Food

Great buffet of delicious dishes on display. The day we visited the buffet had a bit of a Middle Eastern theme with a some modern Asian dishes as well.

Starters: It consisted of a seafood soup, various salads including a make your own with vegetables and dressings on the bottom platform along with tabbouleh, fattoush, a seafood pineapple salad, moutabal and hummus. The last two had a great texture and flavours which were quite enhanced. When we asked the chef how it was prepared he informed us that there was no addition of labneh, tahini or cream, just olive oil with either eggplant or chickpeas. This is consistent with the overall theme of Skye & Walker: delicious and nutritious dishes with wholesome ingredients.

Mains: The mains had a bit of everything.

Kuwaiti Murabien, a saffron rice with shrimp and a tomato gravy on the side, the latter of which was a good accompaniment and helped elevate the dish.

Lamb Chops on a Bed of Polenta with a Blue Cheese Sauce, well cooked pieces of lamb chops with a mix of vegetables such as capsicum and onions along with polenta which was a great consistency and added a softer texture to the dish.

Chicken with Spinach and Baby Corn, a somewhat Chinese stir fry type of dish which was quite flavourful.

Creamy Dory with Thai Dressing with a Chili Potato coating, this had a fantastic crunch on the outside with a well cooked moist flakey fish inside. There was also garden vegetables and baked potatoes.

Also part of the buffet were some popular fried items such as kibbeh, vegetable spring rolls and falafel, all of which had the perfect crunch factor and were overall very tasty!

The Desserts

The selection had a table of its own (of course!) with a variety of fruits including melon, pineapple and watermelon. Since fruits may not satisfy your dessert cravings, they also served up some chocolate mousse cake, chocolate covered mamoul, baklava, seedless dates, basboussa, legemat, mamoul. Of course these were not strictly healthy. Fresh elements with the fruit along with some traditional sweets was a great way to end the meal.

The Drinks

The tables all had a large bottle of water. There were juices as well including the popular ones that are had during this time; Amar Al Din and Tamer Hindi. They were perfectly sweet and delicious. Also available was laban and cocktail juice.


There are Middle Eastern themed elements such as lanterns and patterned runners on the tables.

How to get there

By Public Transport: The location isn’t particularly metro friendly. The closest station would be Union Metro Station. You can then take a taxi to Skye & Walker.

By Car: Clocktower roundabout is the best landmark as the Marriott Executive Apartments are close by from there. You can easily see the buildings from a distance, there are two towers with a bridge in the middle. When coming from Maktoum Bridge towards clock tower roundabout, take the Deira/Al Das exit on the right side before the underpasses. Take the D78 ramp and keep left to continue toward 17th St. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit, Skye & Walker will be on the right side.

Google Maphttps://goo.gl/maps/1vkUhAjLnTq


To Make a Booking: Call 04 2131221


AED 110 per person

AED 55 for children between 5-12 years

Free for children below 5 years