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A few years ago, T went with a bunch of friends for a short staycation in Fujairah. As part of the breakfast buffet at the hotel he was staying at, they served small, simple but extremely delicious almond croissants. He had more than his share during that stay. Ever since, whenever there is a breakfast buffet during his hotel stays or in restaurants or cafes, he goes hunting for a really good almond croissant. But he has yet to find one that matches up.
And so M decided to take him on a hunt to find the best almond croissant. This heralds in the hunt for many of T’s other fave noms.

Almond Croissant

Almond Croissant Hunt 1: Paul Cafe

This was the start to the almond croissant hunt. PAUL Cafe has some really great bakery items. And considering the fact that it's a…